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chocolate chip pancakes
fluffy pancakes, fresh whipped cream,
and semi-sweet chocolate chips

green eggs and ham sandwich
homemade pecan pesto, scrambled eggs, roasted ham,
fontina cheese, mayo, on a michetti roll

veggie frittata
three egg frittata with roasted vegetables, topped
with arugula, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese in a light
balsamic dressing


roasted pork, roasted ham, dill pickles, swiss cheese,
dijon mustard, garlic aioli on pressed ciabatta

chimichurri rib eye sandwich
thinly sliced rib eye steak, roasted cherry tomatoes,
jammy onions, arugula, chimichurri, on pressed ciabatta.
Add melted manchego for $1.00

summer greek salad
red leaf lettuce, free range roasted chicken, marinated
roma tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, garbanzo
beans, sherry vinaigrette, fresh parsley

chili tomato garbanzo beans
stewed garbanzo beans with chili, roasted tomatoes,
and kale topped with feta cheese
sm $3.75................... bowl $5.75

roasted cauliflower soup
cup $3.75.................. bowl $5.75

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